All You Want ~ Original Poetry

3 months ago
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All You Want ~ Original Poetry

When all you want is everything
but all you get is everything else
and what you love so dearly true
is never there to comfort you

When what you need is never there
No carresing love to bring its share
and the never ending light of day
by a pierce of moon fades away

Then this consistency
in its non existent faze
sores away fragmented
in so many ways

And the things you run from
follows you once more
and takes you back
to where you were before

and when emotions like a raging fire
twists and swirls around your only desire
holds you down and pulls you away
from where you want to be one day

When what you fear the most of all
sets you up for another fall

You know you have nothing
Not today
Not tomorrow
Except these memories that you cling to
that hang buoyant
in the distance
far over this horizon of your own hate & sorrow

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  ·  3 months ago

oo that was deep, i felt that. nice work upvote

  ·  3 months ago

`What you resist persists.' Great poem!

  ·  3 months ago

Thank you.
There is truth in your words.
And I hear you, sometimes we need to vent and then apply such wisdom. (Being a female, it just seems like the right thing to do...)
Have a awesome evening, and thank you for commenting.
Much appreciated