Irreconcilable differences with the Church

in #poetry8 years ago (edited)

I light some candles for my patron saints.

I pray to God, "forgive me. I am gay."

Since God forbids this mortal sin, it taints

My soul. I did not chose to be this way.

I kneel inside the dark confessional.

I'm greeted by the soft voice of a priest.

I mutter, "I'm a homosexual."

He sternly warns, "Be diligent and cease,

Your lustful ways. Don't lose your state of grace."

I promise, "I will try to sin no more."

Although, I know this will not be the case."

I praise the LORD, "Thank goodness Jesus bore

My sin of lusting after other men."

I ponder, "Am I really born again?"


The way religion can be such a torture seems wrong.

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