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This poem is the culmination of my love of nature, activism, and science.

Water drawn up by the roots to aid in photosynthesis.
Oxygen created to aid symbiosis.
Apple, peach, apricot and lime.
Sequoias to recharge my mind.
Shade from trees is natures A/C.
Trees are the carbon bank.
We drive cars to them because they are majestic and pretty.
They remove our air pollution.
We should plant them because we don't have a cheaper solution.
Trees are pretty and houses for birds.
They are our allies that make no words.



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nice poem, even better pun


Thanks! I'm glad you liked it :)

The photo and poem go hand in hand.
Good job :)


Thank you very much!


Would you kindly resteem this poem? That would be rad!


Done :)
Checkout my blogs too :D


Thank you very much! I like the boat and ocean photo!

great poem about nature :) enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing :)


I'm glad you liked it and your welcome :)


I will be creating more content in the future with nature theme and fiction. I look forward to watching your music videos when the videos can be played on firefox.

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Liked it, re-steemed..... nicely done