Lost in Lye

in #poetry2 years ago (edited)


There was I,
Minding my own business,
Tending my silky hair,
He came like lightening
Elegant and adorable,
Handsomely good was the air
His charm smelt in me
And I held not my breath
He was too good,
Too good to ignore

Then I fell.
So did he for beauty
Sermons of love, meaningless
For all ready, I needed a hand
One two three... I became his
Lust or love, I know not
But he was a sin I fell for.

Like dogs,
We battled day and night
Battering I mistook for love
Not a ring for compensation
Not an applaud for my sheepish love
All I know was I loved!

One day,
I saw a new dame,
A mistress better than I.
A jewel lost in sugarcoating
He said he was done!
I was old, my beauty in wrinkles!
My womb shattered!

Then, I sought for payback
In him my beauty was gone
In him children were lost
They never saw light but saline
And payback, they needed too

I waited, patiently
Till berserkly
His manliness was lost!
Lost in lye!
I was fulfiled
10 years? So short
Worthless already is my life
The world, I'll view through bars


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