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Oh, wow, I have been crazy busy lately and I only saw this post now. I hope you are better by now.
Sick leave? 2-3 days in bed with your family taking care of you?
Sending positive vibes to you :)


Bahahaha, more like I took the afternoon off, came in fresh in the morning after sleeping 12-14 hours on a neo-citron trip. I was better by Friday, but then have continued to beat the shit out of myself since. Only so many hours of summer around here.

I have been feeling this way quite a bit myself this week. For the last few months really. I wrote a longer poem today and it ended up being kind of dark. Do you start writing with a plan in mind or do you just let the words flow out? Either way, I really dig this one. Good job :) Shared and upvoted!


Straight off the cuff for better or worse. I think my body just really needed rest and I'm feeling a little better this morning. If you've been feeling this way for months you may need to see a doctor. I don't think I could stand this feeling for more than a few days.

Few lines of coke will sort that out.
Get well soon buddy!

Sounds like Salmonella. have you had any underprepared poultry products in the last 24 hours? On the bright side, there's nothing like peeing out of your butt six times a day with a splitting migraine to make you appreciate literally everything else in the world other than that.
Got a pack of rabid wolves infesting your back yard? Fuck it. I'll take that over what I've got going on now. Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life....or maybe the next day...hopefully not longer than that.


Day one. Still alive, well rested, still can't drop a solid LP (long poop).

Awww muffin!
Feel better!


I do, thank you. Your well wishes wished me well😄

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Great writing.
I appreciate your art.