Poetry For Pleasure #3

in #poetry3 years ago

Whistle Mystic Grown Alone '18'

Moon girl - Six feet tall, Never was the one to ball
Quick to flight to your house - leave you high, waterfall
So roll your blunts and smoke it up - you get just what you see
She said baby i know you do - but i don't ride for free
I be crazy lets get hazy - focus on them trees
Nipped Dipped, Driven off and getten co-ki-ein - oh boy why do you be?
Another Thot, not so hot - she stealin all your Gs

Two chains, leather straps - you found them on TV
Light candles, set the mood - get that damn kitty
Say she down but really not - oh damn why cant you see
She fake as fuck, worse than muck - yeah that bitch smelly
So now you riding, to the crib - caca dupe ah dee
F that hoe neva mo - brah you better be-lieve.
Better ones at the door, some from wai kee kee.

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