[Poem - With Recitation] - When I Turn To Dust

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When in my time I turn to dust,
and feed the flowers as I must,
I hope the Angels take what's left,
and bear it into Heaven's trust,
for I do not wish to pass the time,
while weather turns from clime to clime,
as food for beetles, mites and worms,
but something more sublime,
rising from the gloomy doom,
of ages passing in the tomb,
to know the glory of a speck of dust,
in Heaven's sitting room.

The cemetary angel image is used courtesy of a Creative Commons license, and is originally from here:

Thanks for reading and perhaps listening.


Poem for soul peace, Thanks @bhmcintosh

Flowers give passion among people, today's poems are very good

If it offers any consolation
flowers grow from a beetles daily constitution

A lovely write, BH:)

Ha! Well, if the flowers prefer that to my own contribution, so much the better for my long-term prospects! Thanks for your comment, P.

Thank you for this wonderful post @bhmcintosh (─‿‿─)

And thank you for your kind comment, @kissyou.

Este es un poema lleno de mucha espiritualidad, @bhmcintosh. Creer en la vida posterior a la muerte, aunque sea como partícula de polvo, es realmente místico. Y es ese cielo el signo más elevado de las almas. Yo también quisiera eso. Agradecida con tu poema.

¡Muchas gracias y aprecio sus comentarios! Por favor perdone mi Google Spanish!

lovely poem :)

Always fantastic...

You are kind, @preety. Thank you.

Lovely poem @bhmcintosh

Thanks for your kind words, @paru.

Wonderful post...

Thanks for taking the time to post a comment, @tahmida56. I appreciate it.

Lovely & wonderful poem! i love it! :)

I am glad you liked it, @shohag.moni. Thanks for your comment.

I like poetry very much, thank you!

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