[Poem - With Recitation] - The Over There

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My eyes have seen the many ways,
The living answer when I call,
To bring an end to all their days,
And wrap them in my pall.

Some in wonder, some in fear,
Some pass in sleep, and some awake,
Some with regret, who shed a tear,
Some boldly wish their soul I take.

I take them all from young to old,
But never will I tell the tale,
Of what awaits in realms untold,
Beyond the living vale.

But every soul that's slipped away,
And come into my care,
Will know forever's endless day,
In the Over There.

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Thanks for reading and perhaps listening.


Wonderful poem...

I am glad you liked it, @tahmida56.

A wonderful mystical write of what may or may not lie beyond. Bravo:)

Thank you, P.

Wonderful. .....

I liked this poem @bhmcintosh. Keep writing. Regards, @fcpway