[Poem - With Recitation] - My Best Friend

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This poem could be treated as a companion to one I previously posted, called, "My Friend."

My Best Friend

I've heard your kind words, which so eloquently,
Express how you feel about our friendship and me,
And I am as grateful and happy as you are my friend,
To know this friendship will last, and won't come to an end.

But let me make a reply and hope my words can convey,
Something far beyond these simple words that I say,
So I'll speak them in hope and trust you will see,
How much your friendship has meant and still matters to me.

If I was there when times really got tough,
And could lend you a hand when you'd had quite enough,
Well, that's the least I could offer to do just for you,
The person who saved me more times than a few.

And if I told you the truth and I spoke honestly,
That's only because I was trying to be,
A person like you, and to be nothing less,
Than that same open heart, speaking with truthfulness.

I never knew that a heart could open so wide,
And let someone else in, to just come step inside,
But after you taught me, how to open my heart,
My world became new and I found a fresh start.

So here's to a friendship that's weathered the times,
And never been broken, despite some inclement climes,
And I salute you, my friend, for you are surely by far,
That one-in-a-million best friend--yes you are!

The "sunset-dog-friends" image above is used courtesy of a Creative Commons license, and is originally from here:

Thanks for reading and perhaps listening.


Lovely poem

Dogs don't judge that is what makes them loyal. Lovely write, BH:)

Thank you, P.

What a wonderful, sincere sentiment. The truth can be recognized from afar, but a friend is at times, easily missed when it spends a lifetime next to you. Thank you for sharing and reminding us to glance to our side once in a while and see who's still standing next to us. @fcpway

Thank you for your comments. I appreciate them very much, @fcpway.

wow...amazing poem

@bhmcintosh Happy to listen and read your POEM my friend. Love your writing.

Thank you very much, @hishadhasan.

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