Poem - Openness

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When first we met I was cautious as a deer,
Uncertain where I stood, so very near,
And caught within that classic quandary,
I knew that what I felt, boiled down to fear.

I barely stood the strain, which was intense,
And I tried to fight my rising panic sense,
But my heart beat like a hammer in my chest,
So I prayed for calm to come to my defense.

And finally I found the nerve to speak,
But my words came out a croak, so very weak,
And I feared that you would only hear the sound,
But miss the meaning in my humble squeak.

But instead you smiled with open artlessness,
As though you hadn't witnessed awkwardness,
And instantly I came to understand,
There is no fear in honest openness.

The "Friendship" image is used courtesy of a Creative Commons license, and is originally from here:

Thanks for reading and perhaps listening.


I think open honesty sets one free of fear ... as the dropping of expectation and the willingness to accept outcome. When the chemistry between two people is right, it is right, nothing need be forced or feared.

Absolutely! Thanks for sharing, P.

What a lovely poem 😍

Awesome poem...

Thank you very much!

Lovely poem

I am glad you think so. Thanks.

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