Original poem. "My covenant"...

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My covenant


Immersed in a sea of tears, she can see you.

You were as beautiful as a little flower.

And I fell in love with those petals.

That traveled right into my heart.

I know I haven't been the best.

But tonight in the moonlight.

That resembles your beauty.

I can relate through these paragraphs.

little fragments of how I feel about you.

Come my beloved, if you wish to be with me.

I assure you I'll get you out of that darkness that overwhelms you.

Come, my love, if you want to be with me.

I promise to love you until eternity.

Until my hair turns white.

And my wrinkles tell our story, so far I will love you.

Well, you're my eternity.

I put the glitter of the daughters of the moon as a witness.

The covenant I make through this text.

It is not with blood, but with passion that I seal it.


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