Black Hole of Lovingkindness

in #poetry4 years ago


Black Hole of Lovingkindness

This swirling joy within

Is mirrored

In all the spinning universes

As they ever expand the cosmos

Love so sweetly intoxicating

We cherish every moment of each revolution

This blazing love comet burns across galaxies

Shooting spiritual sparks of ecstasy

Outwards in all directions

Why do I tell you such heavenly things?

Because, if I spin madly into your arms,

grabbing your jeweled hands,

and start dancing away with you in barefoot bliss

The startle and this crazed gleam in my eye

Might cause you to retract in fear and panic

So I am paving the golden path to your heart

With astronomical metaphors

Your beautiful being is becoming perfectly oiled

For the beloved's universal fire

Dear one,

I now give you a fair warning

Once our spirits are engaged in the divine dance,

and orbiting around one another

This sacred spinning hoop of compassionate burning

Merged in cosmic rapture

Unleashes a love reaction

We become a gigantic black hole of lovingkindness

Who could resist such a magnificant magnetic pull?


And the secret to it all is the dance of our mundane stepstones

Science ...... Very good info.... good luck

Always and forever LOVE!!!!!