I am an American

in poetry •  9 months ago

There is a slippery slope we are on, but I am one of many.
___I am not a pacifist
___I am not someones BITCH
___I am not the status quo of the media
___I am not a RACIST BIGOT
___I am not a greedy person
___I am not a gullible person

What I am is an AMERICAN
What I am is a proud, gun toting AMERICAN
What I am is a believer of a SUPREME BEING
What I am is GOOD, which is better than EVIL
What I am is a GIVER more than I TAKER
What I am is a hardworking person

___Just remember
You mess with the BULL you get the HORNS
You mess with the DOG you will get BIT
You mess with my RIGHTS
All HELL will come down on you

We all must get along to go along

I am no different than anybody on this PLANET
We ALL bleed RED

Don't tell me how I should LIVE
Don't tell me what I need to LISTEN to
Don't tell me what I can only SEE

You are no better than me
I am no better than you
We ALL just need to go through LIFE as blissful as we can

LIFE a BITCH then we DIE

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