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in #poetry3 years ago

What is up, what is down
we don't know, in this planet round,
but does it matter, they are just words
but then what is, and what is not
Except I and everything else

One is creation, one is just dream
but what is creation and what is dream
these are two, reality and illusion
separates them, line of confusion
boundaries merged, differences disappeared
ignorance clears the line,
until everything is cleared

It's all wilderness, crazy and chaos
blinded by the conclusions, you are lost
but don't be afraid, it is all perfect
settle you may, only in your death

So nothing is up and nothing is down
I know no better, then it really sounds
this seems commentary on creation? Yes,
but I know nothing, it is all wilderness.

Photo: the play of order and chaos in nature is just beautiful (photo is clicked by me)

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