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hello guys good evening my dear steemians! i want to share to you a beautiful poem about a daughter without her dad .. its so sad to grow old without a father like me.. so please read guys, hope you enjoy !

💜A Princess without her King❤

My father my inspiration
A father who have poured me a lot of love
A father who have poured me a lot of care
But father, why did you leave us so soon?
Father I didnt express you how much I love you when your still here
I didnt express how much I care for you 'till the day I have feared
I wasnt able to give back the love and care you have given me
Father, Im sorry😢
Father , Im sorry for everything that I've done wrong
For everything that hurt your feelings
For everything that worsen your illness
Father , Im sorry
Father I will never forget all your instructions
I will follow all of these even if youre not here
I thank you for all the lessons that you've given me
Father you have created a dreamer in me
If I will be given a chance to bring back the past
I will asked the time to give you back with us
Father I really miss you a lot
I miss our happy memories even those bad
Father how I wish that you were here
In this cruel world full of fear
Father I really need you here
I need a father who will bring out the princess in me..

thanks for reading guys





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Nice poem. That is tough to have your father transition at a very young age. Don't worry, all is well. You are alive, healthy, abundant, and have lots of family and friends. =)

thank you so much @metaradiant

its a very touching poem. 😢

yes, super .. thanks

A well written poem.
Take heart princess.