Who is that man..?

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Hear. Hear it!
This life has such a beautiful debure; The challenge must be welcomed, the storm must be overcome, the beat should be disclosed, and the chaos must be tamed.

I'm looking for men!
Strong men despite being hit by waves. Men are as solid as rocks though life desires to destroy. Men who were calmer than Mount Gamora, were more shocking than lightning, and more tough than soldiers' fortresses.

How miserable. What she wanted. When do I see a man whose determination can melt iron? Hentakannya shake. His words hit. And his gaze radiated dignity.

I am sad. I am sad that God has bestowed power upon you, O man! But you do not believe it yourself. You are a leader, then do not let your soul be shackled. How is my heart not pained? While I see you let your strength wallow in cowardice; Mired in fear; And let time bury all that power.

Arise if you are righteous a man. I will accompany you to greet each moment even though it is in misery. Take a look! Not once did I complain. Look at my smile. Do not you see the power radiated from this woman?

Then do not be like cowards. Which only his lips just denounced. His mind is just patronizing. And the demand is a demand. The leader is the counselor is not a detractor. Leaders are non-claimant teachers.

Lead us to be patient people. Therefore you must be more patient than all of us. Guide us to be brave. And show us how the brave are.

And if you can not be that man, let me take fate as a mother. I formed a great man from the cradle of my love.

By : @ayuwandira

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Very touching words. May you soon find men as you wish. And hopefully you are urged for him @ayuwandira

Puisi ayu makin menyentuh hati pembaca. Salut ayu... Good job, teruslah menulis saya akan jadi pembaca puisi kamu selamanya. ijin mention user kamu ya... Follow me

amazing :) @ayuwandira
follow me @rahmats