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We sometimes think that because we don’t have everything, life is not great.
There will always be times in life that we really enjoy and times we really hate.
We never seem to concentrate on the positive things we have achieved,
Only focusing on the times which we have been upset and deceived.

To experience a bad life, is to know what it's like to have nothing,
To work towards having something,
To dream of having everything.
Having only hope and faith to hold onto us that are comfortable and have every thing we need,
We are full of selfishness and unnecessary greed.

Constantly criticizing the life that we share
We never appreciate the things that are there.

We should pray and say thanks for what we have day by day,
As tomorrow could be the day when these things may be taken away!


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Words of wisdom. Thanks for sharing.


Welcome 😌

nice poem keep it up




Salamat :-)

Nice poem, upvoted and resteemed

lovely post dear. upvoted


Thanks :-D

Great poem, it is very true we must appreciate what we have and we must be grateful!!


Yeah. That's what i'm talking about. Thanks.

Hey @athenabree08, that was very sweet and deep. I liked it a lot! Greetings to the Phillippines from Costa Rica.


Thank you so much @flauwy


You are welcome :)

I really enjoyed this, your rhythm and rhyme are on point. Your subject matter and perspective are lovely and true.

I might suggest not using italics with this frequency, it is good to accent a sentence, phrase or word, but as a font it is frustrating to read. I know, this coming from the horrible handwriting guy😄

All in all a very lovely poem you should be proud of.


Okay. Thanks for the suggestions it means a lot.