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in poetry •  11 months ago


My Love,

Sometimes I doubt you could ever understand how much I love you. How much you mean to me. I doubt I could continue to live if you ever left me. You are my reason for being, and my hope. I only exist to be with you. After all that has happened in my life, I am happiest now, with you, I can look at my past and no longer be ashamed, I am glad for everything, since it led to you. you do not judge me for my past, and you promise me a future with you. A future of you lying next to me when I awake, of never again being far away, to know that as I give my all to you in love, you will love me fully in return.

Though every thought of you is paradise, these days turn to hell. Days of missing you. When just your voice can crack the calm and you can make me live once more. Without you, what I live is not a life. Forever I will love you, and longer still. You fill the void in my life, my heart sings to be with you,

Forever yours,

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