My love, I dream of you

in poetry •  10 months ago

Last night I dreamt of you. I couldn't tell you this.

In my arms I held you, for the first time. I've never even dared to imagine it, the beauty of that moment burnt me in anguish as i awoke to realize the lies of my wishes.
I held you as you cried. You finally let your walls down and allowed yourself to be vulnerable, to me.
I cried seeing your tears, I cried hearing your words, I was enraptured and broken at once in your embrace. You confessed to me, you allowed me to see you the way you do.
You do not think you are beautiful, but you are.
You do not think you are sucessful, but you are,
You do not think you are good, but you are.
You don't feel like you could ever be loved, but you are. A million times over, YOU ARE!
And I write this down so it will never forget it. Because for years I have held a belief unspoken in my heart. You are the woman by which I judge all others, and I always find them lacking.
Perhaps if I were more sure of myself, perhaps if I was given the chance, I might one day tell you.
Until then I will always ask you how you are doing, what's wrong, if I can help. I will always be there, close enough, just in case you ever need me.


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