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very touching lines... especially " i want to make love to her..."
good post as always...upped
for the pics...very nice photos...and the cute angels dancing...which one is you out of the two cute ladies... location of the beautiful pace?

Freedom... in the plains. That's dance. Music takes you places.

I always love your poetry @awenbaumeister, i like this part where you said

I want to feel her deepest wounds,
feel the infinite
betrayals she has endured
from her own creations,

Am a poetry writer myself , thanks for sharing this

wow thats so weet i like your post! <3

So Creative, Looks like yoga too.

So stunning!

A poem for friendship. Recently resteemed your post, I like it :)

amazing post.. upped!

Amazing work. And the words resonate so well with most of us today.
We are living in a different time. Part of that is because we have so
many more people in the world.
Thank you for adding this post for us. It is and will be memorable.


wow, very nice poem.. i watch out your next post..keep writing and more power. i started following you and upvoted this post

such a surreal place! and the dance moves are beautiful as well.

Wow ! Great lines and beautiful photos !!
You will rock the world !