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In fantasy, in imagination of true warmth
I seek sole solemnity to end war, yes the silent war
In secrecy to fanitize my wishes
Oh yes wishes
For the doubt to fulfill is none
To question is futile
More cursed than the fig tree.
And there I lie
Surrounded for company by well enemies won't say wishers

Oh! Beautiful nightmare
Gimme a break will you?
Fed up not briminly filled
I'm being esteemed low, conscious of the feel of insecurities.
Faithless faith
Where is thy cover?
Please end this
For your sting I pride not.
I plead and plead yet for my creed lies abound
Lies upon lies, your smart deception causes me to depression
And now I choose above all to turn away and slam the door
Just this once
Gimme a reason to love again
I only seek happiness
So don't glory in my Shame this time
For in the end, I will win this game

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