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From where do the clouds travel?
What moments they hate to miss
Why they float across our sky
With hurrying feet

All day he stares
He sees the waters, he sees the blood
Maybe his deep orange
Make him strong

Tall lean and green
Waving at all who see
What changes you?
What keeps you that long?

Glitters for the night sky
Piercing the darkness
If the dark pierces you
Then I'm wrong.

Where are you going in the blue?
My calm nervous friend
Why make a stop? Why the shore?
I have no clue

It's the darkest night
The moon consoles me
I think of all these things
I'm chained to a tree
I see the clouds and sun
Trees that never run
I think that I think
But it is He I see

He takes my hand
I let it fall
In all his world
I doubt and mumble
U sigh and cry
It's strange what life has done to me
I take the hand
And now I'm free!