My mind got what you need - An Original Poem - Steemit Exclusive - (Motivational Poetry)

in poetry •  9 months ago

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My mind got what you need
Just go and read my feed

It is all there for you
Just need to act and do

You need mental help
You need to find self

That is the place to be
Come read and be free

My mind got what you need
I am spreading the loving seed

Much of positivity and passion
That is my style that is my fashion

No need for fear, anger, pain
Better be kind, sincere and gain

Keep it at all times real
Be the one to heal

My mind got what you need
Just follow my steps and proceed

Be on top at any time
Don't you wait on the line

By Angel Veselinov

Hey Everyone. Thanks for joining me for another one. Enjoy. God Bless You. Peace and Love.


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