If I close My Eyes Forever - An Original Poem - Steemit Exclusive - ( Cleansing Poetry )

in poetry •  7 months ago


If I Close My Eyes Forever
Would you say again never

Maybe there is still a chance
Our relations to advance

I know it is a long shot
But it is all I got

I have no intentions to be rude
I don't want to intrude

If I close my eyes forever
Would you have your smile as ever

Actually would not matter
As I would be back to our father

If I close my eyes forever
Give at my funeral a speech clever

Maybe something that will rhyme
Something that would be sublime

One great piece to remember
How to live your life with no pretender

By Angel Veselinov

Hey all today has been quite a good day for poetry :) Another one for you all. Enjoy.

Thank You all For Reading Have a good One. God Bless. Peace and Love.

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