How to live with what it is - An original poem - Steemit Exclusive - (Educational Poetry) (Motivational Poetry)

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How to live with what it is
How to live in constant bliss

How to be forever in peace
How all people you please

How to stay calm in retreat
How to stand up in defeat

How to help others in need
How to make your life complete

How to stay in the moment
How to live with no torment

How to give second chances
How to overcome all circumstances

By Angel Veselinov

Hey all. Another one :) Straight From the Balcony hehe. Here is a picture if you wonder where this inspiration comes from :) Enjoy.


It would be a pleasure to host a show here :P if the weather gives me a chance as now is quite windy :) lolz.

Thank You all For Reading Have a good One. God Bless. Peace and Love.

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