Can it be so simple ? - An Original Poem Steemit Exclusive (Motivational Poetry)

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Can it be so simple
Just smile with a dimple

Give a 21 second hug
Once A day

This way
Your Ocitoxyn
At good level will stay

Do not give in to depression
There is no need to follow obsession

Better Give in to Love
Set yourself free
Like the wings of a Dove

It is all so simple in rhymes
Easy to tell about all the good times

People forget
It is not easy to
Live with regret

Free yourself of all nasty feelings
Better have new ordered believing

Yes you got to believe in yourself
Just look in and deep you now delve

Get all the required confidence
Reach this heaven peaceful stance

Than it is so simple at once
You now know all the possible chance

It is easy to judge when in Peace
Don't do it when angry please.

By Angel Veselinov

Hey Guys well I think after the break I had .... Now I have gathered quite a material lol. I hope you like my new poetry. It has come quite a lot this time but I feel like some of you need it if I have already done it so I will post it ... :) Thank you all for reading... Life can be Really Simple. It is just mindset and way of seeing things I guess. God Bless You All. Peace and Love.

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Interesting scheme. Love the motivation aspect. I Need to learn themed verse. Like the one I posted today is scorned heart kinda theme. It's a theme I know though and I guess it's just more comfortable thst way

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