**Night Rendezvous** ~ Original Poetry ✍️

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Sometimes I write original poetry, simply to try and improve my writing creativity. I'm not really that great at Poetry or Prose, but I try very hard indeed 👍

The Poem below was originally posted for a "Contest Entry" on my WhaleShares Platform Account.


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Night Rendezvous ~ Original Poetry written by me © andy-whaleshares

I can remember a night 🌃
When stars shone so bright
We stood in the shadows
Far away any windows

A secret place for a dove
Deep in the forest above
Below, we shared our first love
i remember I made the first move

I heard an Owl HOOT!
As he ate his fresh loot
We had just started kissing
But I felt something missing

Now it feels different, more tense!
I know that i'm not making sense
Our "first love" could be lost
I'm so afraid of the cost 💔

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Many thanks for visiting me :+1:
Bye for now, see you all again soon...:wave:

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