A mothers love 😍 (poem))

in poetry •  last year  (edited)

(Photo is mine)

My child from love you were born.
Through hardships and pain
Through problems,
Through stroms,
Through happiness,
Through ageS,
Through family,
As long as I live I will always love you my child.

I wish from love you shall grow.
I wish from love you shall live.
I wish from love you shall share.
I wish from love you shall take care.
Above all i wish from love and care

That you my child will love and care for me
As i have done to you.

Hope u'll like it! Thank you so much 😊
This is my contribution for @teardrops by sir @surpassinggoogle

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Hmmmm, the compassion that embodies the love of a mother towards his child is a spectacle. I love you mama


Yes its true. Thank you for dropping by 😄

the spirit to educate and keep children as good as possible

Native na native ang datingan😄 i like it 😘


Weyn jejeje

Hmmm, truly, many are the sacrifices of a mother for the child. It is only fair for the child to reciprocate this love and sacrifice to the mother and even both parents.

Nice poem there


Well said sir Thank you so much! 😊