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Silence is All I Hear

in poetry •  9 months ago

Is all I hear
It screams as loud as its echoless existence
In my mind
I travel the distance to escape its deafening effects
On my brain
Is there no rest from the torment and pain
Come to me
Dear mother let me hear thy voice
Comfort me
Let me know you are all right
I see light
It is the light of thy essence
Taking flight
I know now that you are all right
In silence
I hear the whisper of your soul
In silence
I hear the love take control
In silence
I hear you in the beat of my heart
In silence
I know that we are never apart
Because in silence
I have nothing to fear
When it's all I hear
Because I know
In silence
You are always near


Rest in Peace, Mom


In Loving Memory of Minnie Ellen Macklin Malone

Sunrise: October 16, 1938
Sunset: March 27, 2018


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