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in poetry •  last year

Have you ever dreamed of a place far away
So far away that it can only exist in your mind
A place that defies all logic, space and time
Yet, you travel to this place where night is day
And day is night and darkness is really the light
Mesmerizing is this place with its rolling face
And its billowing wind whisking by again and again
The terrain rugged but soft as a giant sponge
Beckoning you to bounce so you take the plunge
You slowly start to awake but way too soon
And as you slip into consciousness
You realize the place was the purple moon

By: Amarie

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Dreams are intriguing, aren't they?

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Nice poem and cool gif. I know you like purple ....


Hey thanks! Yes, purple is my favorite color. I miss Prince.

Wonderful poem! Thanks for sharing.


And thank you for visiting!

You have transported me to this amazing place. I write poems too.


Thanks for taking the journey! Following you! I have visited your page. I left you a message on there too.

Upvoted, LOVED and Followed!!! ...This poem is dope!


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Beautiful! Upvoted and followed! :-)
Thanks for sharing! :-)