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This is the first of my original poem recital series. I love writing poetry and I have decided that I will also recite my poetry to you as well, set to background music. Take a listen.

I've always loved watching a sunrise. It is one of the most beautiful sights on earth. And, it also reminds me of new beginnings and hope. Never take a sunrise for granted, as it is synonymous with the beginning of life's journey. Birth is like a sunrise and death is like a sunset, but even sunsets are just as beautiful.

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Traveling back from the dimensions of the dream state
My dream body fading, my mind not fully awake
With a flicker of movement I open my eyes
Looking past the curtain through the window to the sunrise
Not yet able to move, I feel the sun on my face
Its rays peaking and dancing through the curtain lace
As the minute in the moment slowly passes by
I hear the birds sing and I see the birds fly
Fully awaking, shaking off the paralysis of sleep
I take a breath of fresh air, breathing ever so deep
A stretch and a yawn, my hand finding the curtain
Pulling it back unapologetically, nothing uncertain
The night may have brought me tears
And even in my dreams, I have fears
But the night soon turns into light
And, in that, I know that I'm all right
Because with some things I know I must cut ties
It's no secret and it is no surprise
That all is well with my lonely cries
When I open my eyes and see the sunrise

By: Amarie

Music Credit:
"Soaring" Kevin MacLeod (Incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Beautiful poem I enjoyed reading thank you for sharing it here! I am publishing a link to you and your post on upvotable 12 soon!


Hi Jerry, thanks for visiting my blog. I am glad that you liked this post. And, thank you so much for including me on upvotable! I love writing and reciting poetry, I think it is my niche and I will be doing them regularly. I enjoy your blog!


@amarie thank you I followed you to help me see more of your poems!


Great! Thanks a lot Jerry. I was already following you. :)

Came here from the #upvotable 12 post of @jerrybanfield. Nice post. I upvoted it.


Hey thanks a lot and for visiting ilyastarar!

You have the most beautiful way with words! and I completely agree - nothing beats the beginning of a new day when the sunshine streams through the windows and there is a world of possibility that lies in the hours ahead!!!

Congratulations on making the #upvotable 12 - as #12 on the list, I am showing my love and support - have upvoted and followed. and I REALLY do look forward to more of your writing xxx

Much love from Cape Town xxx