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This week we will have a Rap competition! I haven't seen anything like this on Steemit yet. So I am really excited. In future, I've envisioned a proper Steemit Rap battle with generous prizes. However, in order to get there, first I need to find out how many people will want to participate and how creative lyrics will be. I will start two battles, one will be in English and one will be in Russian (If you know both languages then you are more than welcome to participate in both contests)

Battle Topics:

  • "My Blog is the best on SteemIt" (Dmania, Dtube and etc) / Alternatively you can pick "I am the best mc on Steemit"

  • "Crypto making me richer or poorer" (Depending on your situation, you can also add something about blockchain or ICOs making me richer or poorer)

  • "Facebook (or similar Social media) is dying, Steemit is thriving"


You can choose any number of above topics.
You can pick one or you can use all of them.
You only need to write two or three quatrains
And post them as a reply to this article.
Then Follow/UpVote/Resteem and that's it.
Of course, you can write more if you can, but leave some creativity for future battles)
Half-Decent Example would be lyrics by @saeshamonet
You don’t have to come up with something ingenius,
as long as, it rhythms and it is original
your submission will be considered
and you will have a chance of winning.

Since it is a Pilot Round, number of winners will be picked according to number of participants. Up to 4 Winners (More in future) Prize pool will be up to 5 SBD (Bigger Prizes in future) Winners will be announced today(09/03/2018) in a few hours !

My Example:
Cryptos are going for world domination
My Rap is so sharp,
that I'm aiming for Your elimination.
Sometimes, I feel like I'm in a mental institution
Where people doing the same thing,
But expecting to reach another conclusion.

As you can see, just try to rhythm and you will be good to go, this time.

I just want to spark your creativity, so here's a little incentive with a short activity.
Be creative and Show Support!
Don't forget to Resteem, Follow and UpVote!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I gotta peep this one! Good luck to all web-mc's

Tis Insane shit/ turn notepads to ovens when I'm script baking/
Walk fully covered cause skill may drip/
on these pages.. /
I smear greatness like Van Gogh when he's painting/
Face me and get disgraced quick/
or peeps may see/ you on a display piece/
And find the price on your head with an ebay click/
healthy mouth, spit stay clean/
I'm still saying/ to punch you don't gotta curse like a 3 day trip/ (course)
So pray and get your bible on/ Before you babble on../
like lunatics convinced they saw babylon/
Perfect rhyming form, I moved to the darkside/
Spit cyclones and cause an avalanche when my raps fly/
These kids, I hurry canes to thunder storms on their backsides/
They flood to battle me, and naturally lose by a landslide/

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Winners Are:

1st - @ulqu3 - 1.0 SBD

2nd - @alexwik - 0.75 SBD

3rd - @a-0-0-0-0 - 0.5 SBD

Next Round Will Start Tomorrow!

Thank you. Can't wait for the main competition to start.

We need more people) But I think it will be possible soon. Nice flow btw!

Getting down on the blockchain
There is nothin' to maintain
Decentralization is here to stay
The Dollars drive you insain
I'll soon own a jet plane
And I'll fly you to Ukraine

The haters say I live in a bubble
Then they see my money dubble
They say, "I wanna avoid the trouble"
Gettin' their heads hit by a shovel,
Go cry with with their mothers
And still hate on the others

I put some 8 Mile reference in mine:

Have you guys heard about Steemit?
It will make you quit, with FaceBook and Instagram, you need to check the diagram,
Steemit make you earn some cash, Facebook let you eat some trash,
You know who use Steemit? "B-Rabbit!"
You know who doesn't? Yeah that's "Clearance" who: "
still lives home with both parants"
He maybe went to Cranbook, but I went to Cryptobook, and made a lot of mills
And he cant pay his bills

My entry!

I'm using all topics cuz my flows gat no limits,
I've made some great post and my blog is the best on Steemit,
Including a Rap challenge that made me the best MC on steemit,
If you doubt me check it out yourself, so you can see it.

I've got a new ride cuz steemit has made me richer,
Thanks to steemit I'm smiling to the bank everyday with some new sneaker,
I don't mind leaving Facebook to Die, even when Steemit is "sicker", like ma rhymes, Steemit is thriving, Steemit is the Leader.

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haaa.. this is another very good contest to stimulate the productivity... thanks for the info. ^_^


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Thank You! ⚜

Am the best mc on steemit
Follow me so you can inherit
Am i making sense or not? please say It
All i want is to flow like alcoholic spirit
Going down your intestines, do you feel it

Its my first attempt:

Crypto was high, it was the month of December
Then I started dreaming, crypto will make me richer
Kept all my money to crypto, now I surrender
I ignore everyone who says its my biggest blunder

Although my portfolio is into decline
I believe Crypto are here to rise and shine
Let this dip in the market go away
I will dance and party hard with wine

Steemit is fun, Steemit is a revolution
Earn some money for your curation
This is the age of decentralization
We have Steemit, its early in action
Steemit is fun, Steemit is a revolution
Earn some money for your curation

Bring more friends, bring them together
Steemit is growing, we will make it larger
Steemit is the answer for all the publisher
Steemit is making everyone richer
Steemit is fun, Steemit is a revolution
Earn some money for your curation

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