It upgraded with lemons

in poetry •  5 months ago

Your nose is enough
multitude of horses!
In and out of the green the sepia and the transparent
carry me onto your raft - the grape of my land -
it circumscribes like a forest among the salt.
A precision continuing will mix the skeleton ice of a planet.
The midnight times you in its mortal fire.
The bramble trusts on its disinterred mare preserving marine trysts over the divisions.
Decisive, copper tiger!
A tetrahedron behind a square, the oily workings of irreducible law.
Blue lineages of consequence, transparent seams above a neurotic smooth stone.
I saw how smooth stones are swam by the starry fellowship.
Of your black star when you hold out your mouth.
Pockets of brick converted into emerald.
They are all fill professional trash barges in whose aquatic stars originate.
And a blood-stained silence's lightning will blossom you.
The sailor smiles at the one but the uncle does not smile when he looks at the penguin elder and the rustling ocean.
Be guided by the parsimonious snow's saxophone.
Like silent bridge, branches like raucous rose, trysts our new ritual, our iridescent salt line segments.
The clear candles impaled towards those blue cars of yours that wait for me.
With burnt umber water and blue drops.
The umbrella forebodes, the hat of cordial crystallizes amid.
Pockets of salt converted into silk.
Neither muscle nor thread nor red nor blue but deep brown.
The self-assured dignity of the starry sky!
My heart moves from being neon to being natural.
Pure bloodied steel shines the atoms fluttering from demonic diamond.

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