Mama's Letter to Mama

in poetry •  last year  (edited)

Whisper to Mama

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Tell mama
I miss the morning dew
Kisses of our mother land
Upon my black skin
We rocked woods on our heads
Grasses caressed our legs through the pathway
As we made melodies with our voices
walking home from our farmlands

Tell mama
I miss the tears that followed after,
when I she did scold
For being less of the image
she imagined to engrave
When my carelessness led to the broken bucket
As we came back from the stream
Endless miles from our tiny remote village

Tell mama
The moonlight doesn't feel so good no more
I still picture myself,
The chieftain and commender of moonlight art
We played, fled into hideouts
As another came chasing, seeking.
We told stories, some I portrayed myself as king
It was her yell that puts moonlight tales to an end
And homeward I'd run to sleep like a log.

Tell mama
I'd like to be like Dada
Whose loud voice sang me up to the morning shine
I loved to be bathed by him
His able hands scrubbed me white
Afterwards he'd lift the water dish
and let the water drop down like a fountain on my head
All to transcend to me, feelings of the "shower" we never had.
He always dared the nights
in search for more condiments
Whenever asthma held you to ransom
And some days we all go on our kneels for you
Still you'll pull yourself together and say
"I'm alright, let me make breakfast,
you've got to be ready for school".

Tell mama
I've seen and felt the Rock she told me of
Which never faults nor roll
Never obsolete nor old
I've grown and tested and found He's more
He's been a true companion, my bosom friend
That blossoms most in my adversity
Reflecting beautiful dimensions of His divinity.

Tell mama
I'm coming home
A big woman now but still never grown
That I've became a mama too
Learning the mother's touch and mother's frown
And its just a matter of time
I'll bring them to see mama's mama
I know she'll watch after them right
with a smile as always
Yelling, shouting, laughing
"These Kids are just amazing,
they handle themselves better than you did"
I know she would say
And with joy I'd hug her and say:
"its only because your hands is a furnace,
which refines only the finest of Diamonds".

Tell mama
I'd like to walk down the farms again with her
Tell her I wish granny and grandpap still lived
If they did, I'd love to see granny swim just ones again for me
And hear grandpap's tiny voice I took, call out my name.
Tell mama, now I'd have love to go back in time
And hug and kiss her cheeks
Every time it was I she scolded
and made her tears
Because now I finally understand.

Inspiration: @surpassinggoogle story about his mum inspired this.


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