I Cried

in poetry •  last year 

I cried
For the woman across the street.
Who doesn't have a child.
And it seems she'll never have
For her womb was long lost gone

I cried
For the guy on low down pants
With marijuana in his hands
Whose addiction is so bad
The doctors wrote him off

I cried
For the girl who lost her life
In the house on third mainland
For she drank that murky stuff
In a bid to abort that child

I cried
For the masses in our land
That can't eat more than once a day
For corrupt government officials
Has siphoned their wealth abroad

I cried
For the wife and the mother
Physically abused everyday
By the then loving husband
Who promised for better,for worse
I cried
For the sick we've left alone
To fend and find their way
In a world where nobody cares
If they breath tomorrow's air

I cried
For the children born and thrown away
Left un-catered and without love
To die and join the forgotten
Or live and become rogues

I cried
For the men and the women
Who wasted their youthful years
Not by choice or predetermination
And are become the poor aged ones

I cried
For those who live in constant fear
Of things unknown and known.
And have lost the urge to live
Thinking of that loop of death

I cried
For the pollution in our world
Physical and out of the normal
Of man and beast alike
And the death that results afterwards

I cried
For the Man who lost his purpose
And live from day to day
Eating and sleeping away
Their existence in a Dilenma

I cried
For the human race
Roving for millennials
Not being in the right position.
To make the best decisions


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Thank you

Wow, truthfully this poem got me to tears as tried to decipher the words along. This is true reality, thanks for sharing, it put a spark in me.


I am glad you got the meaning..
Thank you