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Hello steemians
Happy women's day to all wonderful ladies. You all are influential and deserve equal rights in all ramifications. Although the struggle to further protect the girl child is still on we would not also relent in educating ourselves (guys) on consent.
So for a special day like this i checked my notes if i had anything for the ladies and oh there it is...

images (22).jpeg

I am the She-guy

Very unpredictable like the father's before me

We fell in circles for the same lady

Swept away from our bricks of trust

Into the running rivers of her desire

Where it leads, I do not know

But with tremendous joy I lay on her blossom

There lies my strength

I am the she-guy and she is wisdom

Thank you



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The she guy...maybe you throw more light on that line...


Thanks for asking...
It's just my own concept of a guy that truly believe and trust a girl he loves.. He is a good lover and not easy persuaded and keep the traditional or cultural trend of loving ladies...