The Facet of Love

in poetry •  8 months ago

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Love is a defence
Breaking other defences
Walls melt like ice
Charting the course of they that are sons
They will not miss the mark

The priceless weapon in the armoury of the King
The banner over the chosen
The balm that heals without diminishing
The ripples only spread out farther

Love is a strength
The energy by which sons can run far and wide and not be weary
The evidence that they have passed from death to life
The yardstick by which His formation in them is measured

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Love is a fuel
Causing their faith to work as it should
Casting out all fears
Liberating the imprisoned
Feeding the hungry
Quenching thirsts

To be without love is to be weak and frail
Vulnerable and without a shield
To love is to be alive
Love is the nature of the Father
Sons are replicas

Hands and feet bound in chains
Their spirits yet remain unbroken
For what is in there cannot be in bondage
Kill their flesh, they still can soar
Love can never be imprisoned.

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