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Freedom is a dosage of friendly danger
With urge to demystify every hunger
It rips one apart, smooth and tender
It hides no secret, it's here to plunder
Freedom is a dosage of friendly danger Slowly it puts your fears to sleep As it collapses the day like dandruff And butters the night with ecstasy
Freedom is a dosage of friendly danger Men in hueless colors dance at thy door unlocked Their footsteps tickles your stairs As the wind blows them cross your bed sheet
Freedom for all, justice for all The morning came running like a crazy hen Thy sight took you down the corridor of amusement A scream wrung out your heart

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It was a surprise!! A birthday surprise
The best you ever had...


Hello! Did you find it quite disappointing it end as a birthday party? (Laughing) I wanted to make a scary storyline but am so excited today. It isn't my birthday though, i just don't want to go with the tragic ending today thank you.


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Every day is a birthday when you have freedom.

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