The Hardest Job --- A Labor Day Poem

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I deem you wrong if you say
Being a teacher is the hardest
Sleepless nights making lessons and stuff
For the rebellious student's future
It can't ever compare

I deem you wrong if you say
Nurses are the most stressed of all
Staying alert even with drowsy tired eyes
For the patient's remedy and good welfare
They're comparable next to never

I deem you wrong if you say
A brave soldier had it the roughest
Gambling their lives on the deathly frontlines
For our safety against succumbing, usurping evil
It's beyond comparison

The hardest job you will ever get
None other than being a proud parent
Sleep will be short and optional
Worrying will be a constant feeling
Paydays will never be all-yours anymore

You will work tirelessly for their needs
And go home to read them bedtime stories
Stay late dreaming about their future
And wakes up to repeat the cycle
For you are addicted in giving them the life they deserve

It can't be read in any comprehensive books
Nor can it be taught in grandiose universities
It comes with no dayoffs and bonuses
Nor a resignation after several tiring years
It's a contract of life and can never be breached

Hello everyone! Philippines is currently celebrating May 1's Labor Day! I have decided to write a poem on what I think is the hardest job of all. What I have written is based on my opinion and I got no offense to give to the mentioned jobs. Kudos to the people who continues to work to support their needs and for the betterment of the country. Happy Labor Day. Hope you liked it :) Have a good day!

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Can you credit that photo or is that a painting?? Thanks.

I showed the picture's source at the bottom part of my post. It's very beautiful, isn't it?

It is, whose is it???

It's from someone named Laura Christeen Tetrault. Check her website pinned in my post. So many cool paintings there :)

Nganong imong photo credits kay 1?

Trip lang jake

As you've said, parents have the hardest job of all. They don't have time to even take care about themselves when they think of their children. And I think that especially the mothers have got the hardest of all. They can't even take a break by not preparing a meal even if they are sick. And they are also ready to give anything if they can give them by any means

You are really great at poetry. Hope I could write poems like you :D
Happy May 1st labor day!

Even if they wanted the last slice of cake, she will gladly and wholeheartedly give it to her son. We don't deserve parents :'( just kidding hahahaha. Thank you :D

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