Insanely Inlove --- A Women's Right Poem

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The tranquil breeze brought no remedy
To the searing somersaulting pain
Enough to make me recount good days
Have I gone mad?

Funny streets
Ever glowing even when the light's dim
Too much to handle -- memory lane
I still love you, honey

Bags all packed and heavy
Broken dreams
Since the day before yesterday
You left me; alone and angry

All I remembered was
Little black skirt and the daisies
Bruised cheek and wounded lip
Saying 'this will never work'

It's past 3 and I'm still awake
Searching for the horizon of encouragement
Invisible even with eyes wide open
For darkness ate my only light

Lead me back
To the path I've astrayed
Back to the place of endless spring
Back to your obedient, loving embrace

I wonder if you miss me
I messed the house thinking of you
Broken vintage plates and bloody walls
No more room left for me to break

I would definitely take you back
Even if it cost me an arm and leg
Even if you don't want anymore
You made me love like crazy, girl

I will chain you forever in my arms
Soul, body, lips -- all mine
Please don't cry, my sweet angel
For I am insanely in love with you

Good Day Steemians! For today's poem, I wrote about 'violent love'. This happens when either one of the couple is forced to stay in a relationship by inflicting physical and emotional damage. Regardless of gender, this 'love' should not be practiced for it is a clear violation of human rights. Also, genuine love can't be found in a relationship fueled by fear and violence. This problem commonly happens to women wherein some man take advantage to their weakness and make them obey whatever they want.



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According to UNWomen, 35% of women around the world physical and sexual abuse from people not associated with them and another 70% to partner-related cases. This statistics show the ignorance of some men to human rights. Clearly, abused women experience trauma and physical damages. What's sad is that it happens every second in our every day lives. This implies that we need to reevaluate anti-women violence programs implemented in our communities and countries.

With the advancement of technology, the means of abusing also advanced. Cyberbullying and body-shaming are very rampant in today's generation. However, women rights advocate also found their way to the online world. There are organizations being structured in the web that promotes equal rights to every individual, especially women. One of this is the

Gender Stereotyping --- Women's Rights Vilation


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Well, this is still obvious today. Men shall do this. Women should be doing this. This kind of stereotype, for me, is the worst kind. It unjustly evaluates someone's capabilities by its gender. It narrows down their wide space of abilities just because they don't belong to the gender that often does this kind of work. It neglects the philosophy of 'free will', thus making us feel imprisoned by an inescapable prison. If men are emotionally sensitive, that doesn't mean they're not boys. If girls are tough, that doesn't make them less of a girl. It doesn't make sense, so it needs to be abolished. We share equal rights, so we share equal chances and opportunities. We are born adaptive and intellectual, meaning we can do things if we just learn it. In the end of the day, we are the only ones helping each other. It's just a matter of opening our minds and not letting this kind of idiocy ruin our happiness.

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Such a beautiful piece! You earn a follow from me, couldn't help but wait to see more

Thank you :D

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