Soldier of the mind

in #poetry3 years ago

These crazy times
In our messed up minds
You want to scream and shout
until your lungs give out.
To fight, it's too much it seems
as you see your fears every night in dreams
repetition of failure and defeat
you just can't beat,
what's killing you

Life is perplexing and surreal
so many ways to think and feel
do we have direction or any purpose
or is it all just a chaotic circus?

What should we do and where should we go
how can we cope with just what we know
dark thoughts take over and we cannot see
an end from this bitter savagery

But thoughts are not us and we are not them
I am not my words I am not my pen
let me help you let me show you why
it would be a waste if you take your life

Feel a thought come into the brain
simply observe no matter how insane
watch it pass and the view the space that's left
take my hand take a deep breath

Picture in your head what you want to be
concentrate hard and in your mind you'll see
a happier and improved version of you
you even know what you must do

Make the little decisions those little choices
listen to your friends and not the voices
change the right path along the way
make a victory every single day

Ignore the wrong and choose the right
cast out the darkness And welcome the light
so worry less and breathe more
swim with me and reach the shore
fight your fears my brave soldier
you will look back once you're older

You are beautiful, precious and kind
don't be a victim to your own mind..


Existential crisis is whats makes us rational creatures. And we have to see things from a different viewpoint to see the true situation we are in.
I loved this line...'swim with me and reach the shore...'

Yes it is so true that we can never see the real problems we face until we remove ourselves out of the situation, whether on purpose or by chance. This seems to be a process that repeats itself throughout life, everything seems so simple from the outside looking in.

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.

This was great. I really enjoyed how the momentum built throughout the poem culminating in a fantastic last line. Good write.

Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate it.

No problem. Check out some of my stuff if you'd like...or not. It's all good. @moeknows.