Self medication

in #poetry3 years ago

Within us all lies a void unfilled
wounds unhealed
In our minds and outside
unsatisfied and broken, at times

At these times we latch on to pleasure
fragmented peace within our chaos of life
To escape temporarily
in these moments we are truly free

Whether your medicine be drugs, money or sex
It tastes so sweet
So we taste it again
... and again
Just one more time.

For some people it can aid
others it can slaughter
just imagine for a second if it was your son or daughter-

Wrapped up in depression
needing that sweet release
Searching deep in their soul
but internal it is not.

So external they go
vulnerable with no direction
Experimenting on the mind
with those who do not care about them truly.
bound together by drugs
never to look back

When needle touches skin
the blood flowing within
To the other side they go
where the purple rivers flow.

When hobbies become habits
injections replace tablets
more in their head than reality
Losing touch with their sanity

Day by day
Hour by hour
Hit by hit.
down the slippery slope they go.

But whether an escape you create
Or to self medicate
We are all
but one step away from darkness or light


Beautifully written .. thanks for sharing

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

Please visit my blog sometime if you can ..

I will do.

awesome post........really amazing:)

So kind of you. Thanks. :)

Beautifully said. Anyone struggling with addiction is struggling with so much more, where they know it or not.

Very true and it's only easy to see from the outside in. You can't truly see how much control your particular addiction has on you until you break free from it.