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So I wash
Cold water dripping on my skin
Shivering in silence.
Too early for this as
I see my breath in the air-
My hairs stand to attention.

Slowly I dry
Standing naked in light of the sunrise
As it lifts its curious head above the hills
My early companion
My guardian from the deadly frost

I dress
A warm woollen jumper of rich woven reds
some shorts that I find in the wardrobe
Through the window the warmth emerges from the mist and
I keep my feet bare so I can feel the grass.

I feed
Fresh toast with a little butter and
the crunch is satisfying
I lick the crumbs from around my lips as
I rest on the grass.
Birds make a melodic masterpiece in the air

I drink
Thirst is prevalent at this time
I quench it with a large glass of water
Full to the very top
I drink it slowly, savouring.
I feel calm and nourished.

So, what shall I do today?