Lady Gagas Dress

in poetry •  last year

I was at home watching TV
flicking the channels what could I see
lady gaga got an award and as she got out of her seat
I was amazed she was wearing a dress made of meat
I thought if its good for gaga its good for me
I was down the butchers by half past three
stood at the counter clothes round my feet
I said have you something to fit me that's stylish and neat
he held up a chipolata cheeky sod
hey this is what I was gifted from god
well I got pork chops for pants and rump for a hat
turkey trousers and a sausage cravat
when he was finished I minced down the street
walking on kidneys made for my feet
but soon in the heat I started to foam
then I walked passed the stray dog home
well there was chaos I tried to run
as German Sheppard pulled the steak from my bum
a sausage dog grabbed my sausage a basset my chops
it was such chaos I emptied the shops
so my friends if a meat dress your tempted to make
take it from me its a big big mis- steak.

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