Lines Of a Day Dreamer

in #poetry4 years ago (edited)

Sleeping beauty.jpg
Awake in my dreams,
Drowning in my fantasies,
Trapped in the reflections of reality.
This they say is deadly;
The birth place of the grandest fall.

Why so? I always ask.
Because you cant have an eaten cake,
Because reality's clock don't thick left,
Because reality is never a dream,
And life is not a myth.

If so, then I must awake,
Then I must swim to realities shore,
take the antidote of this life waster,
And bake me another cake.

For the sun is fast setting
And time swiftly rides,
On a wide stallion,
Never to retire or return.
For soon I will sign-out,
To go check my debits and credits.
Soon I will join this heap of humus grain
Where I will be smitten by the sun and the rain.

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