Will Always Be My Sister

in poetry •  last year  (edited)
She constantly fights with me,
But always my guardian angel.
She is my best rival,
But she is my best companion.
She is the person I want to dodge,
But she is the first person who got my back.
She is against all odds,
But always be my partner in crime.
She is the person I envy the most,
But the person who inspired me the most.
She is the biggest Bitch in my world,
But the only friend stuck by my side.
She is my polar opposite,
But also my twin.
She is my greatest enemy,
But will always be my SISTER.

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Wow two very beautiful and smart women!


Sisters for life. 💕You're a blessing to her too sis

...Thanks much 😘

Ganda @ahna8911 pakita mo kay jona to...

..ahahaha bka mag assume un eh..😂😂😂

Ahahaha ou nga noh...ang ganda mo talaga jan @ahna8911



You are both beautiful, =)

..hahahaha salamat sir

Pakilala mo ako sa kanya haha.

..ahahaha pakilala lang ha... 😂😂😂

Oo naman lol ano ba dapat pa ba? Hha

Ilove you both couzn 😘😊😊😊

..weloveyou too couz....

love life with sisters....

Ganda nyo po pareho ..

..ahahaha salamuch

Sister... our number one frienemy ☺️