The drugs over demand

in #poetry3 years ago
  • This was a poem that I made in the past... It was made from my own personal view of others people experience around me.

Hold me steady
I'm shaking

This shot of bliss leaves me dazed
I'm stuck in a haze

I became addicted to the pills and needles

I thought I could escape reality and enjoy the thrills

But I became "ill"
The pain is too real

I'm losing my mind
Always Running out of time

I don't know who to trust who to believe

I'm being driven insane forgetting my name

I'm depressed and scared

The drugs are becoming a part of me

I have already threw away my future
So what is there?

(Calms down)

It doesn't have to be this way
Everything that i feel is real

But I could of asked for help

Share my thoughts
And open my mind

Play a game or write a story

Beat my stress and me being depressed
I shouldn't destroy my future

I can get help

I'm worth more than I think
So I got to stop lying to myself

I can ask for help and my future will change

I myself am worthy of my own name
It's not worth all the pain

If I disappear from this world then that means I'm only spreading the pain.

© Joshua Jeffries, aka afoolzluck
Holds all ownership rights

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