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This was a poem written by me on watpad! Call hide and seek.

Who are you to the people reading the lines of these pages.
Trapped in their small yet massive cages. Time to play hide and seek.

However, the game is different, what hidden isn't an object of interest or a player of the game. To be found is who you are and who you became, but please now see this world is a massive track, but nobody winning any race, but take your place, because it will only get harder from here.

Hide and seek is no different from predator and it's prey.
Either your hunting as the fox to a rabbit or being the prey to the wolf colored in gray.

Hide and lurk and follow the orders of majority or become the Seeker searching for a better opportunities.

Keep your head raised and do not show any fear you're the ones in control!
Become the predator not the prey, stay till midnight upon day.

You're The seekers of this game, hide and seek that is how it's played.

©All Rights Reserved
Joshua Jeffries

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