The Light of Friendship⭐(An Original Poem)

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⭐The Light of Friendship⭐

I stand close to the window

snowflakes dancing outside
Gazing upon the North Star
Many a traveler's faithful guide

I know you are out there

Sharing with me it's light
It is a very special moment
This sacred and Holy night

This star will forever connect us

No distance can keep us apart
As long as you let it shine
in the depth of your heart

And when you no more can see it

When the star is out of your sight
Just look deep within your universe
and you will find the eternal light

And like our unique friendship

this star has a perpetual flame
The light of Friendship
is it's unknown name.

Author: @Marialin



Wow! Hoping to witness this kind of view atleast once in my life.

hey @adsactly,
thanks for sharing. loving to your post.

Very beautiful and touching poem;)Who inspired you to write it?

3rd paragraph is awesome. Its your own poem or? Bt word of poem is


I am a member from your discord channel. This is so inspiring, friendship should be a light that is added to our own light to shine more.

Thank you for your this great insights.

Romantic :)

💓Lovely poem 💕I’m amazed by your ability to write such beautiful poem.

Cute poem. Lovely use of words.

Keep up on enlightening the crowd!

It is a poem full of feelings. Congrats!

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Very nice completion of post! @adsactly

Its for you

(Poetry comes from the highest happiness or the deepest sorrow.
The poet is a liar who always speaks the truth.)

Good luck

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