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Weren't you told?
All that glows is not gold
All that chills are not cold,
All that has hands cannot hold,
All lions are not brave and bold.

Weren't you told?
All laughter begins with a cry,
All Cravers never cease to try,
All truths begin with a lie,
All souls were created to die.

Weren't you told?
All that begins will surely end,
All your allies are not friend,
Some are devilish like a fiend,
They'll let your shames trend.

We're you told?
All that'll rise will first fall,
All that'll walk will first crawl,
All that'll laugh will first bawl,
All that'll sharp, will first dull.

Weren't you told?
That joy dwells with bitterness,
As happiness dwells with sadness,
That failure leads to success,
As unity leads to oneness.

Weren't you told?
The key to success is patience,
The great guardian is conscience,
The great destroyer is pretense
The great leader is confidence.



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